Park Observation Program

Have you ever found yourself wondering if anyone knows about that washed out trail or graffiti on a picnic bench while hiking in your favorite park? Now you can help!

Be the eyes and ears for your state parks.

California’s State Parks are a precious resource, and they need care and attention to stay in good condition. Many state parks are short-staffed and lack the resources needed to perform routine maintenance. Parks are now in jeopardy –not just of closing–but of falling into disrepair as resources are stretched to the limit. You can help park staff identify maintenance issues by reporting them here.

How to help:

First, get outside and visit a park. If you notice a maintenance issue – it could be an eroded trail, a fallen tree blocking the path, an area that needs mowing, or a building that needs repairs – just note the location or nearest signpost and take a picture. That’s it! Now you’re a part of POP and you’re the eyes in the park!

Next, log in to POP on your smart phone or your home computer. Then post your comments and photos. You will receive an e-mail from us indicating how park staff plans to address the problem. You can post a compliment for park staff too!

POP is currently only available in the Santa Cruz District, but will soon expand to more state parks.
Thank you for making time to post your observation & helping protect our state parks!
Submit your park observation here.

How To Video

Let CSPF Spokesperson David Chokachi show you how to use POP the next time you visit a park.

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